sexta-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2014

Remember, remember ...

Life is a Blessing.
A short time to learn and teach.
An opportunity for evolution.
The way you choose to face it's your own illusion.
You either struggle and fight it
Or you surrender and accept the Moment.

There is no Good or Bad.
Good and Bad are nothing more than a projection of our mind.
A very unbalanced and blind one at times.

Seize every moment for what it truly is.
An interaction of vibration between what you project and what you attract.

The key?
Selfless, Infinite, Unconditional Love.
Love knows no boundaries but at the same time respects every human soul
Love is not extremist and nor is it minimalist

Love is as simple as realizing that YOU and I are the exact same.
Only our 3D bodies, illuded minds and limited 5 senses
give us the sense of separation when in reality it's unexistent.

Remeber We Are ALL-ONE 

There is no bigger truth than that.

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